High School Graduation Rates In The United States Just Reached A New Record High

A step in the right direction.

The moment when a student, clad in their cap and gown, receives their high school diploma is always a special one, and now it appears that more of these moments are happening. New federal data released on Monday revealed that, during the most recent school year, a record 83 percent of high school students graduated on time.


Graduation rates have steadily increased since the 2010-2011 school year, when many states implemented a uniform method of tracking students.

President Obama will discuss the incredible news at a Washington, D.C. school district on Monday.

The new data also shows notable growth, with higher graduation rates for minorities, students with disabilities, and those who are learning English as a second language.

Despite the incredible progress over the past few years, more needs to be done to help students of color. Hispanic, black and Native American students are still trailing white students by over 10 percent.

School districts with Hispanic, black and Native American students should receive more resources and could adopt new standards to boost their graduation rates. A recent study also suggests that increasing the number of adults in a community improves graduation rates because students benefit from more local support.

Despite the increase in the graduation rate, high school students aren't scoring higher in math and reading. One solution to help students increase their test scores is preparing them when they are younger by expanding early childhood education.

Cover image via Natali Dronova / Shutterstock.com


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