Hey Startups, Here’s Six Ways To Get A “Yes” From Big Brands And Agencies

The Inside Scoop.

Day two of SXSW Interactive had Jodi Arden from USA Networks, Chris Denson from OMD's Ignition Factory and Jack Shannon of Recess dropping truth bombs on startups who want to get in on that sweet advertising action.

Here are six tips from the experts for new companies looking to collaborate with big brands:

1. “Don’t call me; I don’t even like it when my mother calls. Try LinkedIn instead.”

2. “Convince me you know and love my brand just as much as I do.”

3. “Do your homework. Present a solution, not a capability.”

4. “Be flexible. Brands and agencies may ask you to tweak your offering. It may even make it better.”

5. “Don’t pretend you’re changing the world. Simple often wins.”

6. “Network, network, network. Advertising is about relationships. Startup advertising, doubly so.”


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