Artist Launches Brilliant Project To Disprove All-Too-Common American Stereotypes

#HereIsMyAmerica lets people show what their lives are really like.

A new project from The New York Times is destroying stereotypes you hear every single day.

Bayeté Ross Smith, an artist and filmmaker who centers his work on African American life, is helping The New York Times elevate a conversation about the markedly diverse experiences of Americans of color.

Smith's project is meant to shine a light on the way we characterize our fellow Americans instead of seeing individuality. His work is quite timely during this election, when various groups have been stereotyped and grouped together while being used as talking points or pillars of policy. 

For example, Smith referenced the way Donald Trump had been criticized for "reducing the black experience to poverty, lack of education and violence." To push back on that reduction, Smith featured five profiles in his Times article of "black Americans who are intellectual, excelling, productive, contributing members of our society."

Smith started by posting a split picture of himself wearing six different outfits he owns, and pointing to the ways people probably judge him based on those outfits.


In that piece, he made a plea for American of color to share their stories on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, hoping to push back on common misconceptions with the hashtag #HereIsMyAmerica. Below, we've pulled together some of our favorite responses. 

Here are many, many Americas.

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