Heinz Tugs At Heartstrings With Its New Short That Looks Like Something Straight Out Of Pixar

The sweet ad features a family who really, really loves baked beans.

The creative minds over at Heinz Australia just found a beautifully heartwarming way to announce they've launched four new can sizes for their baked beans. As part of the "Can Size for Every Aussie" campaign, they've released a charming three-minute animated short film that could easily be mistaken for a production from Pixar. We got some serious Up vibes upon first watch. 

The ad tells the story of a man named Geoff who has had "a curious and unshakable love for beans" ever since he was a little boy. He followed his passion into adulthood and worked his way up as the head of innovation at Heinz. There, he experiments with new ways for people to enjoy the brand's foods.


But he isn't just inspired by the baked beans he loves to eat. After realizing he wants to charm a woman in the spaghetti department, he comes up with the perfect product to help seal the deal. As their family grows, Geoff's passion for beans never waivers. He continues to create various can sizes that will improve meal time for his family. 

The adorable ad took more than a year to finish and was a collaborative effort between ad agency Y&R New Zealand and the production company Assembly Ltd. The music, which really brings the whole piece together, was composed by Franklin Road

You can watch it below:

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