Did You Know Hedgehogs Scream? Neither Did We.

Wait, hedgehogs scream?

If your hedgehog is feeling under the weather, you should definitely take it to the vet — just know, the hedgehog might not be that into it.  

In fact, it may just throw the kind of hissy fit you thought only screaming banshees were capable of. 


According to Hedgehog Central's website (on which one can spend numerous hours), there are several things to watch out for that may signal it's time for a trip to the vet. For example,  any significant behavioral changes, dehydration, or notable weight loss. Note, hedgehogs can sometimes go from one to three days without eating and be fine. 

And if you do take your hedgehog to the vet, and it starts screaming bloody murder, you might be reminded of a screaming potato, as one Redditor points out: 

Thank you, Internet:

Another Redditor offered their own advice on how to best make a hedgehog feel comfortable in a potentially uncomfortable situations: 

"As a hedgehog owner, and a grumpy hedgehog at that, it is best to hold these types with the opening down to the bottom of your hand. This lets them smell your hand and get slightly familiar with their surroundings. Then they'll start opening up and checking out the surroundings, although it may take a couple minutes. When they're irritated or stressed out, and you hold them in an upright position... they'll just keep on keeping on." 

In case you didn't get enough screaming hedgehogs, here's some more:

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