Mom Who Witnessed Drunk Driving Uses Experience As A Lesson For Her Kids

Drive sober or get pulled over.

A Missouri mother's letter to a reportedly drunk driver is shedding light on why alcohol and getting behind the wheel never mix.

Last weekend, Heather Peterson and her family visited a small beach in Hillsboro when she says an intoxicated driver went down the hill in reverse towards the beach. About 150 people were on the beach, including parents who were shielding their children from the vehicle.

Reportedly, the car stopped after hitting a picnic table. Someone called 911 and the police arrived.

"One of the fathers asked [the driver], he said, 'You appear to be drunk.' She said, 'All I've had is two drinks and a shot before I got in this car,' " Peterson told St. Louis television station KTVI.

Peterson shared the entire incident in a Facebook post so that the drunk driver would realize that her choice had consequences for her and for others.

"On the car ride home, my children had a lot of questions," Peterson wrote on Facebook. "One thing I made sure to tell them is NEVER okay to drink and drive....ever!"

Peterson isn't the first mother to take a stand against drunk driving. Organizations, such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), have been making a difference over the past 36 years — and as a result of their efforts, drunk driving has been cut in half.

On Wednesday, Peterson wrote on Facebook that she was surprised by the reaction to her post.

"I've received countless messages from strangers cheering me on and sharing stories of how a drunk driver changed their lives," she wrote on Facebook. "While our lives and the lives of others were spared on Sunday, so many haven't had the same outcome. It's heartbreaking."


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