A Man Asked Twitter A Heath Care Question. Incredibly, Chili's Came To The Rescue.

"How is Chili’s more helpful than our government when it comes to healthcare?"

Colin Gray, a 36-year-old from Austin went off on Twitter earlier this week because he was tired of seeing people seek advice from the Internet instead of consulting with specific individuals who might be directly involved with the situation at hand, or more well-versed in a certain area and thus better equipped to address any questions or concerns.

His tweetstorm took an interesting turn when he attempted to make his point by "blindly" asking the Chili's Twitter account a rather important query about health care: Why do you sometimes get charged money after seeing the doctor if your medical insurance plan has no co-pay?

Much to Gray's surprise, Chili's chimed in with an accurate and succinct answer — you are charged a co-pay until the yearly deductible for your specific insurance plan is met. 

"Chili's is not a healthy place to eat but it was a good answer," Gray, an advocate of single-payer health care told Buzzfeed News.

And though the whole exchange was carried out with a hefty dose of humor, many Twitter users praised the popular restaurant chain for taking the time to make the complicated American health care system a bit more accessible and understandable. "How is Chili's the restaurant more helpful than our government when it comes to healthcare?" asked one Twitter user

And since Chili's proved to be adept at answering tough questions, others thought they would try their luck too, asking about preferable hairstyles, financial advice, love, and more.

The restaurant's social media team told BuzzFeed News they answered Gray's question because "life's too short not to have fun with it."

"As you can see, we don't take ourselves too seriously on social," added social media manager Justin Runyon.

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Sure, Chili's might not be your go-to entity for health care advice, but in a time when there's a plethora of hard-to-understand information about health care and other social issues heavily featured on our timelines, every little bit helps.

This also isn't the first time a company or brand has educated the public on a complicated or controversial issue. Earlier this year Royal Jordanian Airlines debuted a whole ad campaign that took aim at far-right movements worldwide and xenophobia as evidenced by the current administration's Muslim travel ban, and in the midst of the uproar surrounding the announcement of the first female Dr. Who, Merriam-Webster set the record straight.

And let's not forget talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who has emerged as an unlikely critic of many of the GOP's plans to repeal and replace Obamacare because of his own experiences with his young son who, was born with a heart defect.

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