Comedian Perfectly Spoofs Every Sexist Ad You've Ever Seen In Just One Minute

Listen up, advertisers.

An India-based deodorant brand just made a thought-provoking commercial calling out all the objectively strange and sexist ways companies use women's bodies to sell their products — and it's completely hilarious.

The video release coincided with HE Deodorants' rollout of a new product called HE Respect, which is "for real men who respect women" everywhere. The company says a portion of the profits from HE Respect will be used to support the welfare of women.

HE recruited comedian Vir Das for the commercial, which spoofs sexist advertising that makes women feel "uncomfortable, awkward, objectified, [and] pointless."

In the commercial, Das is eating a fruit in an odd way, posing sexually on a motorcycle, bathing with flower petals, licking a popsicle on a beach and sitting on a bed dressed as an angel.

"Enough is enough," Das said in the ad. "You don't have to objectify women to sell a product. So it's refreshing to see a deodorant brand like HE do the opposite."


After HE released the ad online on May 13, Das wrote a message on Facebook about his experiences with the campaign.

"Had a blast doing this," he wrote. "I wore some dresses and pointlessly fondled fruit, I'm doing something cool with He! We are launching a new product, taking on sexist advertising, and raising money to support women's welfare charities!"

(H/T: Mashable)


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