Kiss Cams Are Getting Old, So A Double-Fisting Pizza Woman Brought Them Back

Put your love where it counts.

Kiss cams are a staple of attending any major American sporting event. Sometimes they produce painfully awkward or impressively progressive moments, but largely the formula for being on one is the same: a couple doesn't realize it at first, then does, then kisses in a passionate or not-so-passionate way.

With such a relatively routine gimmick that's happened countless times over the years, at this point, it's hard to be innovative with your few seconds on the Jumbotron. So credit has to be given where it's due when someone manages to pull the feat off.

At last night's playoff game between the Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics, one ambitious young woman made a heads up play when she showed up on the kiss cam behind a fairly normal-looking couple. As they went in for the kiss, she did what any true performer does when surprised with the spotlight: she made the most of whatever she was already doing. And what she was doing at the moment was essentially professing her love to two slices of pizza at the same time.

Turn that love into overdrive, and you've got yourself the ever-so-rare authentic kiss cam joke.


Watch the true love below:


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