Hawkgirl Is The First Black Female Superhero To Headline Her Own Show

This is 'super' good news.

Step aside, Batman. Shove over, Flash. The newest, coolest superhero in town might not be as familiar to the general public as those two characters, but she's about to blow up. Rumors are swirling that Hawkgirl might be getting her own CW show. The network hasn't yet officially confirmed the news, but if it's true, Hawkgirl will be the first Black female superhero ever to star on a television show of her own. 

Considering that we're currently in the midst of comic book-adaptation mania, both in films and TV, it's pretty shocking that it's taken this long for a female African-American hero to get her own program. Broadway actress Ciara Renée will play Hawkgirl, both in the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow, which will premiere on the CW in 2016, and on her own show, which does not yet have a start date.

There have been Black women on Marvel and DC Comics shows before — both animated and live-action — but none of them have ever been the main focus. The best known examples are from film: Storm and Catwoman, who were both played by Halle Berry. There are plenty of other women of color in comic books, however, and hopefully more of them will make their way onto screens soon.

Can't wait for Hawkgirl? Excited to see when Renée will do with the role? Let us know in the comments!


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