Delivering Funny Monologues Isn't The Only Hidden Talent Harry Styles Revealed On 'The Late Late Show'

He told a lot of pirate jokes.

Harry Styles is appearing on The Late Late Show all week, so it's the least he could do to take over a few of host James Corden's duties. On Tuesday night, those duties included the opening monologue, which Styles delivered like a pro.

After finally getting the cheering audience to settle down, Styles wasted no time telling a few topical jokes, covering everything from Donald Trump's dealings with Russia to Hillary Clinton's new political group Onward Together, which Styles says experts are calling "bold, ambitious, and six months too late."

But the real fun started when Styles mentioned the reports that hackers are holding the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie ransom. Cue a string of pirate puns, including, but not limited to: "Sounds to me like they're charging them an arm and a peg," and "Kids can't see the movie anyway, because it's rated 'Arrr!' "

Hear the rest of the puns in the video below:

When he was done showing off his monologue skills, Styles took a seat at Corden's desk for a segment called "Side Effects May Include." He started off by listing the side effects of going solo, which include having to be every cliché member of a boy band at once — from cute to dangerous.

Then Styles proceeded to share the side effects of "secretly being good at juggling," which could only be leading up to one thing. Indeed, after some encouragement from the audience, Styles found a few apples and demonstrated his talent. Is there anything this guy isn't good at?

Watch Styles show off in the video below:

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