New 'Harry Potter' Chapter Written By A Computer Is A Hilarious Must-Read For Fans

"The sky outside was a great black ceiling, which was full of blood."

Get excited, Harry Potter fans. There's now four more pages of The Boy Who Lived's story. The new pages don't come from J.K. Rowling, but instead were written by a computer. 

Botnik Studios, which describes itself as describes itself as "a human-machine entertainment studio and writing community," used AI-generated text prediction to write a hilarious piece of Harry Potter fanfiction

The Botnik team fed all seven Harry Potter novels through its predictive text keyboard. "Our web keyboard app analyzes text files and offers the most common word sequences as suggestions to the human user, to help them write in the style of the source material," Botnik CEO and co-founder Jamie Brew explained to CNET.

The keyboard recognizes when combinations of words commonly follow one another and can then offers word suggestions based on the text it was fed. In this case, it was the Harry Potter novels. The predictive text the program came up with was then arranged by writers to create a mostly coherent narrative so that you can actually read and make sense of the whole thing. 


It even came up with a title for the new four-page story: Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash. Botnik created a cover for it, which features Harry and the aforementioned portrait of ash and shared the pages on their social media feeds. 

The result is definitely worth reading:

The story starts with a "sky outside was a great black ceiling, which was full of blood." Later, Harry encounters Voldemort and "savagely" tells him he's "a very bad and mean wizard." Meanwhile, a Death Eater is wearing a shirt that says "Hermione Has Forgotten How To Dance," so she dips his face in mud. Dipping is apparently a theme in this chapter because Harry later dips Hermione in hot sauce. Ron also ate her family at the beginning of the chapter, so Hermione has clearly drawn the short want in this AI's book. 

A few choice quotes from the story include:

"Ron's Ron shirt was just as bad as Ron himself."

"He saw Harry and began to immediately eat Hermione's family."

"Ron was going to be spiders. He just was. He wasn't proud of that, but it was going to be hard to not have spiders all over his body after all is said and done."

"The password is 'BEEF WOMAN,' Hermione cried."

"Mountains of mice exploded." 

People online were clearly pleased by the bot's new chapter in the series. Botnik Studios' tweet about the project has been shared more than 36,000 times since yesterday and has amassed over 78,000 likes. 

We'd love to see a few more chapters of this story, even though it ends with Harry falling "down the spiral staircase for the rest of the summer."


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