People Shared The Hardest Things They've Ever Done, And Their Stories Are Haunting

Powerful struggles.

What's the hardest thing you've ever done? Imgur user EnzioAuditore posed the question to others on the image sharing site, and the responses were pretty intense. Many involved painful goodbyes, powering through dark moments, and getting up after what felt like spectacular defeats. The stories remind us of the tremendous weights many people carry with them and are a haunting reminder that we never really know what a stranger is going through. 

Here are some of the powerful tales of struggle and victory people shared.


1. "Leaving every member of my family behind to go live alone in a country whose language I did not speak." -ImGothamsReckoning

2. "I beat alcoholism after years of abuse." -duckshooter

3. "Learning French from scratch at the age of 24. Now I'm 30 and considered bilingual." -seaBR600RR

4. "Deciding life was worth living after being diagnosed with a heart condition at 24." -epicstoic

5. "Seeing my mom post brain surgery coming out of sedation. Partially shaved head, confusion, didn't know who I was. She's recovered memory now." -HarryPotterReferenceProbably

6. "I had a stroke at the age of twenty one and was told I'd likely never walk again. I proved them wrong." -bristlealngeal4gotmypassword

7. "I learned how to walk again after suffering partial paralysis due to being in an automobile collision." -Periskope

8. "Got my sh*t together after being live-in-the-street homeless for eight months." -Metalmartyr

9. "I beat cancer at the age of 14." -Vigilant3

10. "I was NYPD 911 Operator on 9/11. I took calls from people trapped in WTC. Hardest day of my life." -Clorex

11. "Quit heroin." -Orlyfactor

12. "Kept living after becoming suicidal." -theboned1

13. "Mine was trying to build and keep healthy relationships after being raped. I now have a husband who no matter my emotional state, helps me." -Shiron14

14. "I gave up my daughter for adoption when I was 17 to give her a better life. She's happy, healthy, and thriving; but I miss her every day." -Magster2004

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