The Science Of Summer: How To Be Your Happiest This Summer

Positive vibes all around.

Sure, we look forward to the occasional summer barbecue or wild pool party, but did you know there are ways to make you happier every day this summer?

According to science, the ways in which we interact with our environment can actually make us happier — if we do it right. From mixing up outdoor activities to changing how you spend your time watching television, you could boost your happiness levels up a whole bunch of notches.

But what exactly does the science say?

Happify, a website and an app that utilizes scientific evidence to help us live happier lives, released a summer-themed infographic, "What You Watch This Summer Can Make You Happier," that summarizes the healthiest, most enjoyable practices for these sunshine-filled months.

Here are four ways to make sure your summer is the happiest it can be:


1. How to best enjoy summer entertainment:

2. Take it outside:

3. Be a good sport:

4. Attend summer concerts:

So grab a friend, head out for a hike, dance around, or even watch some TV this summer. You'll be happy you did.

Cover photo via iStock / gpointstudio

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