This Is What Your Handwriting Really Says About You And Your Secrets

You can run, but you can't hide.

Meet Mr. DeWitt, a handwriting expert.


"You cannot lie to your subconscious on your handwriting," he says.

Your handwriting can reveal your darkest secrets, so Mashable decided to put their staff members to the test in this amusing video.

"DeWitt has spent decades studying, analyzing and interpreting handwriting. Although most people have not written in cursive since grade school, handwriting still holds some interesting details about people's personalities," the video's description explains.

"When you wrote 'I hate donuts' you dropped that way down here," DeWitt says to one of the guys in the video. "So right away it says you're lying immediately to me."

Oh boy. Someone is in trouble.

"You made your signature larger than your regular handwriting..." he continues.

"This tells me, when you're out in the public, you project yourself in a different image."

"You notice these dots? You're a detail person. But you notice their dashes?

"You get irritated easily."

Who needs fortune tellers, when you can have a handwriting expert? Really.

Watch the entire video below.

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