19 Hammocks You Need To Swing In To Start Your Summer Off Right

Can't believe #9 exists.

Summer is finally here! That means spending lots of time outdoors, but also being nice and lazy. And luckily, no matter how you decide to spend the season, there's a hammock for every occasion. Can't you see yourself relaxing in one of these with a good book or some music? 


1. When you want to chill with your friends, but don't want to share a hammock.

2. When you want to emerge as a butterfly.

3. When you want the comfort of a beanbag chair, midair.

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4. When you want to hang at the pool without getting wet...

5. ...and, for when you do.

6. When you're camping and can't decide between a hammock and a tent.

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7. When you want to solidify your status as the best dinner party host.

8. When you want to be in a boat, but don't want to leave your house.

9. When you need a bath.

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10. When you want to be closer to the sunset.

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11. When you want to feel like a bird.

12. When your feet are tired, but you don't have an ottoman.

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13. When you want something for the honeymoon.

14. When you're in Utah and feeling adventurous.

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15. When you want to complete your outdoor wicker furniture.

16. When you want to feel like a modern, but lazy hamster.

17. When you want to be one with nature.

The Banana Hammock

18. When you want to complete your apartment's boho look.

19. When you want to hang from trees.

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