Hamburger Helper Dropped A Real Mixtape For April Fools' Day And It's Actually Hot Fire

Whippin' that work.

When Hamburger Helper announced it dropped a mixtape, we weren't sure what to think.


At first it seemed like a joke.

We initially thought, "OK, that's a funny idea."

Then we all realized, "Wait a minute, this is actually a real mixtape!"

Not only was it a real five-track EP, it was also cleverly called Watch the Stove.

Then the real shock set in.

Not only was it was a real mixtape and available on SoundCloud, it was actually hot flames!

With awesome tracks like "Feed the Streets" and "In Love With the Glove," how could we not go crazy?

Needless to say, the people started going wild for the beefy goodness.

Now excuse us while we go whip up some of that ish in the kitchen and blast this hot fiyah.

You can listen below:


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