11 Insanely Cute Halloween Ideas For You And Your Little One

Step up your costume game.

Babies are this year's greatest Halloween accessory, which is great news if you just so happen to have one hanging around this year. Coordinating costumes with your tiny mushy baby is a great opportunity to get creative, and that's just what these parents did with their kids. A lot of these are easy to do yourself, especially if you're trying to avoid tracking down expensive adult costumes. Check out some of our favorites.


1. Jurassic Park ranger and dinosaur.

"my costume from last year, the accessory really tied it together"-the baby

2. Rebel Alliance pilots.

X Wing Pilot Baby

3. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

4. Octopus and mermaid.

5. Chef and the main course.

6. Curious George and The Man With The Yellow Hat.

7. Hans Solo, Princess Leia, and Yoda.

8. Baristas and their masterpiece.

9. Mary Poppins and the chimney sweeps.

10. Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

11. Ash and Pikachu.


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