A Hair Trend That's Bringing Back The '90s In The Best Way Possible

The hair tapestry.

Hair trends are always changing — from long luscious locks to short sassy bobs, from blue hair to silver hair to going au naturel, we can barely keep up with the times (but have a fun time doing so).

Now, a new hair trend taking over the Internet brings back some '90s vibes using thread to wrap our hair in an array of decorative colors.

But instead of just wrapping a few strands, girls are turning their hair into elaborate tapestries with patterns perfect for a summer festival.

"The hairstylist behind the look is Alex Brownsell," MarieClaire.com reports. "[A] pioneer of many out-of-the-box hair trends such as dip dye—an idea conjured up on a fashion shoot after Brownsell was inspired by traditional Andrean tapestry from Argentina."

The trend has been floating around the Internet for about a year now, but it's particularly relevant for, perhaps, Lollapalooza this weekend (or any other summertime occasion).

Do it yourself (with a handy tutorial...)


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