With The Help Of Her Robotic Hand, This 5-Year-Old Threw Out The First Pitch At A Baseball Game

Play ball!

One of the most iconic traditions at baseball games it the ceremonial throwing of the first pitch by a noteworthy guest. This has been done by presidents, celebrities, and people who have overcome great obstacles to get them to the pitching mound.


On August 17, five-year-old Hailey Dawson threw out the first pitch when the Baltimore Orioles played the Oakland Athletics.

Hailey was born with a condition called Poland Syndrome, which affects between one and three out of every 100,000 births. For Hailey, this manifested in her right hand growing improperly. Her fingers failed to form

In order to use her right hand, she required a prosthetic. While traditional prosthetics are too expensive for many families, the rise in popularity of 3D printer has created an opportunity for custom built units at an affordable price. 

Hailey's family teamed up with researchers at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in order to make the unit, affectionately called the "special hand," according to MASN Sports. The plans for the hand are freely available online, and the scientists just needed to hook up the robotic components to give Hailey the grip she's always been missing from her right hand.

She had a hand specially designed for her big night at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

And just like that, Hailey was ready for the ball game.

Her older brother, Zach, accompanied her to the pitching mound.

Watch Hailey throw out the first pitch using her right hand:

[H/T: GoldieBlox]


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