Can Gwen Stefani Beat This Superfan At Trivia About Her Own Life? Jimmy Kimmel Found Out.

"She's for sure gonna win."

Can a Gwen Stefani superfan beat Gwen Stefani at trivia about Gwen Stefani's own life? That's the question Jimmy Kimmel set out to answer on Wednesday night as he pitted the No Doubt star against one of her biggest fans. 

Stefani herself wasn't very confident going into things, explaining, "I am basically Dory, and I don't remember anything that happened to me before, so she's for sure gonna win." Her fan, Gaiane, then proved her credentials by saying she's seen the singer at more than 100 TV shows and concerts. "Since I was 15, she's inspired me to just be who I am," she explained.


The contestants weren't playing for nothing. If Gaiane won, the prize would be items from Stefani's own closet. On the other hand, Stefani would win Gaiane's "NO DOUBT" vanity license plate

The singer started the game off on a high note, correctly answering that her Aunt Donna recently celebrated her 90th birthday. However, while Stefani may have known the answers to the next several questions, Gaiane was quick on the buzzer. She correctly answered trivia about Stefani's songwriting and movie career — even the time she met Sting. (Don't worry, there's an amazing old photo of the moment.)

Find out who came out on top in the video below:

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