Men Read Each Other's Texts To Their Baes And Things Get Really Awkward

"Cuddle all night and watch the sunrise."

It's no secret that girls like to share stuff with one another, including texts to and from their romantic interests. If a guy texts you, but you are not certain how to interpret it, you might as well get a second opinion. And then a third... and a forth... and certainly a fifth. You can never be too sure, right? Your besties might even help you draft that perfect reply, and you love them for that.

But when it comes to guys, sharing texts they send to their girlfriends is not necessarily the most common practice in a bromance. And when they do show their "soft side," things get hilariously awkward. Who would have imagined that this man you've known for years completely loses his cool when messaging a girl? He adds five bunny emojis to a single text, calls his lady his "lucky charm" and basically talks like a middle-school kid.

Watch the video below to see what happens when men are asked to swap their phones and read each other's texts to their baes. 


"Yay for boarding, boo for delays," a guy reads his buddy's text while clearly having trouble holding his laugh. "What, are you five? What is this?"

But then it's his turn next and things get even funnier.

Nothing to be ashamed of, boys!

We all do it. Let's just own it.

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(H/T: Elite Daily)

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