17 Men Who Are Posing Exactly Like Cats

We can't look away.

No one ever gets tired of cat blogs, but you'll definitely never stop scrolling through this one. 

The blog Des Hommes et des Chatons, or "Guys and Cats," is filled with images of cats paired next to photos of attractive men in very similar poses. 

No matter what the activity is, they both look great doing it. 

Here are some of our favorite photos of guys and cats doing basically the same thing: 


1. Napping

2. Hanging with horses

3. Playing Peekaboo

4. Wearing capes

5. Working out

6. Doing headstands ...

7. ... and handstands

8. Waking up next to you

9. Rocking flower crowns

10. Daydreaming

11. Being on a boat

12. Relaxing

13. Showing off the new ride

14. Drinking milk

15. Riding bikes

16. Playing piano

17. Reading

(H/T: Elite Daily

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