Guy's Epic Anti-Emigration Rant Is All You Need To Put The Refugee Crisis Into Perspective

"We are sleepwalking into a nightmare where a third of the world will be overrun by the British! AGAIN!"

There is perhaps no bigger debate in Europe now than how its countries are handling the refugee crisis.

Sparked by the seemingly unending Syrian civil war, the refugee crisis is in dire straits. Many governments have turned fleeing Syrians away in fear of their culture and religion being "taken over" by an influx of Muslim migrants, but many European people have displayed a heartening sense of kindness, some defying their leaders to welcome refugees in, even to their own homes

To put the issue into perspective, 33-year-old Emlyn Pearce, a London-based writer originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, turned the tables around. 


On Facebook, Pearce wrote a blistering post against British "emigration," calling for the Brits to close their borders before the world gets overrun by them again.

Pearce's post had been shared almost 30,000 times. He told A Plus in writing that he was "absolutely amazed" by the response.

Pearce has a theory about why his post resonated with people and it has something to do with the traditional media's portrayal of migration as a privilege reserved for the wealthy. 

When the rich move to another country, he wrote, they are perceived as cosmopolitan, brave or entrepreneurial; but if the poor move to save their lives, they are demonized, painted as greedy newcomers or terrorists.

Pearce added: 

Ordinary people are becoming more aware of the inherent unfairness that exists in the way we talk about migrants, and I think the fact that an ordinary Facebook user's status update has become the catalyst for a new discussion is a shocking indictment of the failure of politicians and the media to keep up with a change in attitudes driven by things like citizen journalism and social media.

Pearce said that there are many reasons that the British should take in fleeing migrants and refugees.

Among them is an ethical responsibility to do so, considering that the bulk of Britain's wealth comes from "the historic exploitation of the very countries from which migrants and refugees are coming."

But Britain also stands to gain a lot if it takes in tens of thousands of refugees: its overall population will increase and become younger, and many refugees "tend to be unusually dynamic and motivated people," he wrote. "Among those fleeing Syria will be exceptional people like Mo Farrah or Albert Einstein, and the British government have a responsibility not only to those refugees but to the British people to take in as many of these amazing individuals as possible."


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