Couple Gets Engaged Right In The Middle Of Philadelphia's Super Bowl Celebration

An epic night.

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl Sunday night, and all of Philadelphia was, naturally, pretty pumped.

Footage from the evening shows Eagles fans taking to the streets in celebration and, for one couple, the celebration turned into an opportunity to pop a very important question. 

Sports Illustrated shared an unverified video from Twitter user MaxOnTwitter showing one fan dropping to his knee and proposing to his girlfriend right there on Broad Street, surrounded by the crowd. "Someone just got engaged amidst the madness on Broad Street!" SI's tweet reads. 


The woman in the video said "Yes" to her now-fiance and put on her ring as partygoers continued their cheers. 

HuffPost points out that this isn't the only proposal to come out of the Eagle's winning streak this year. When the Eagles beat the Minnesota Vikings on January 21, a game that would allow them to advance to the Super Bowl, another fan proposed to their significant other.

We think it's safe to say that the people of this city have a lot to celebrate.


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