This Guy Gets Out Of A Parking Space In The Most Creative Way Ever

Need a lift?


There's nothing more annoying as a driver than when you can't leave your parking space because two automobiles on both sides are blocking you in. Most people wouldn't know what to do in that situation, but a man came up with a creative idea.

A security camera captured this moment on a street. A man opens the driver's seat door to his car and notices that two automobiles are blocking him: one in the front and one in the back. He clearly see's that he can't back out without hitting a car. Two other nearby guys ignore the man in the background.

So the man has a brilliant solution. He uses his Hulk-like strength to pick up the back of the car with his bare hands and move it to the side, away from the other car. Then, the man gets into the driver's seat, backs out and safely drives away.

The two nearby guys are stunned and can't believe what they just saw.


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