Guy Who Hates Christmas Gets Deviously Pranked By His Buddy

Deal with it, Grinch.

For most of us, Christmas holidays are all about being jolly, doing good deeds for total strangers, buying the most on-point gifts for our loved ones and, just in general, being better people than we are the rest of the time.

But not for Gareth Neary.

Neary, a regular chap from Dublin, is one of those people with a very strong immunity for holiday cheer. In fact, his loathing of Christmas is so prominent, his buddy John French refers to Gareth as Gar-inch.

However, this year, even Neary wasn't able to escape the holiday spirit! After returning home from vacation in Australia, he was surprised with the mother of all pranks — a room completely wrapped in Christmasy gift paper.


Check out Gareth's jaw hitting the floor as he discovers the prank that John and his friends pulled off:

Good thing is, he'll probably never have to buy wrapping paper again.

(H/T: ABC News)


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