Man Who Cried During His Job Interview Shows Why We Shouldn't 'Underestimate Authenticity'

"And telling them that made me start crying."

Going to an interview for any job can be overwhelming, let alone your dream job. There are the pressures to dress a certain way, make your interview responses intelligent and memorable, and put on a brave face the entire time. 

But one man recently shared his experience of an interview that didn't go exactly as planned. His story shows why it can be OK, and sometimes even a really good thing, to be vulnerable in an otherwise professional setting. 

In a series of tweets, Boon Cotter shared what happened when he went for an interview at video game company Naughty Dog. Cotter had just flown in from Australia to Los Angeles and was convinced he wouldn't get the position. But that didn't matter — he was excited just to be there. 


Cotter continued to explain how a director at Naughty Dog, Bruce Straley, began asking him questions about his former projects and the reasons why he wanted to work at the company. 

After giving a "true, but rote" response, Cotter stopped, and explained that he wanted to work at Naughty Dog because of a character in one of the company's video games: Bill, from The Last Of Us

"I told them it was the first time I'd seen a gay man portrayed as this gruff, masculine, tragically heroic type of character," Cotter tweeted. "He wasn't a punchline to a joke. He wasn't overtly stereotypical. A lot of players didn't even pick up that he was gay ... I told them that I saw myself represented for the first time. A burly, hairy, daddy bear character, a guy I respected and understood."

"Moral to the story: Don't underestimate authenticity. Be raw, be vulnerable, be real. That's where your uniqueness shines," Cotter tweets.

Cotter's tweets are proof that being your true self is the best way to be, and we wish him all the best at his new job!

(H/T: Mashable)

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