This Guy Daringly Scaled The Great Pyramid of Giza. The View From The Top Is Like A Dream.

Feel free to let your jaw drop.

First off, never attempt to scale the Great Pyramid of Giza because it is very illegal.


Not only is it illegal, you could very well die if you aren't a well-trained climber.

Luckily for us, who prefer both of our feet on the ground but do enjoy a nice view, 18-year-old Andrej Ciesielski decided to attempt this feat on Monday.

While we would be scared out of our minds, he seemed to enjoy every minute of it.

Why wouldn't he? Just look at this beautiful landscape from the top.

As he recounted in a blog post on his website,, police noticed him when he was about halfway up and "shouted something in Arabic," but he kept climbing anyway.

According to BuzzFeed, the climb took about eight minutes.

On the descent, the police did take in the daring climber for questioning.

However, as he explained to BuzzFeed France, "I went to the police station for maybe one hour. They asked me many questions about why I did this, but they let me go."

That's pretty lucky. Watch the crazy climb below:



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