Student Goes The Extra Mile To Ask A Girl Out By Drawing This Creative Note


Working up the courage to ask someone out can be quite daunting. 

But one young man found a pretty good way to get over the fear. When he spotted Naomi Lucking studying at the University of Southampton's library, he did something pretty creative to get her attention. 


"Some guy in the library gave me this," Lucking tweeted.

"Unfold to open," it says on the note.

The WhatsApp "message" reads:

"Sorry to disturb your studies, but I really need to ask… would you like to have a coffee with me someday?"

Lucking was given two possible answers to choose from: 

"Sure! Why not? Life is short."
No Thanks! I have a 7ft-tall boyfriend."

Cute, right? Unfortunately for Mr. Romantic, Lucking does have a boyfriend. That being said, she gave him 10 out of 10 for creativity:

The Internet agreed:

Better luck next time! Judging by the Internet's reactions, plenty of girls would have agreed to have that coffee.

(H/T: Elite Daily)


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