Man Poses As Forrest Gump On Tinder, And This Girl Doesn't Have A Clue

Tinder's like a box of chocolates...

Millions of people use the dating app Tinder every month in hopes of making meaningful connections with other available, interested individuals. (Or they're just hooking up, which is cool too. We don't judge.)


Blake is one of those people who has put himself out there.

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That's a pretty impressive profile and some really cool, down-to-Earth hobbies. 

While he seems like an awesome guy, we can't help but feel there is something really familiar about it. It's almost like we already know him, but can't figure out how.

Oh. Now we remember.

Yep. This guy stole the storyline from Forrest Gump for his Tinder profile. 

But what happened when he actually made some connections? He had to have busted immediately, right?

Turns out, the girls didn't catch on. At all.

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Why did he choose to continue with the Forrest Gump story?

Fair enough. We can't even blame him, honestly. It is a pretty amazing story. If anything just remember that not everyone on Tinder is who they claim to be!

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