Jessica Alba And Ne-Yo Lead A Teen Choice Awards Plea To #StopTheViolence

"It keeps happening, and it has to stop."

Sunday night's Teen Choice Awards gave young people the opportunity to pick their pop culture favorites. But the broadcast also offered teens another choice — to join the fight against gun violence.

Actress Jessica Alba took the stage to address the issue, which weighs heavy on the nation in the wake of so many tragedies. She was joined by several teenagers who have been personally affected by the violence.

"They are the brothers, sisters, daughters and family members of recent victims of gun violence," Alba said. "I'm talking about Aurora, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Minneapolis, Orlando, San Bernardino, Newtown." 

Two of the teens who lost their cousin in the Orlando nightclub shooting were also wounded in the attack. Another lost his little brother in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in 2012. Alton Sterling's son Cameron was also present.

"It keeps happening, and it has to stop," Alba said.

"Tonight we stand together with these teens, united in our call for peace and an end to this violence," she said. "Now, more than ever, we need to stop, feel and ask what's going on." 

To highlight this message, singer Ne-Yo then gave an emotional performance of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On."

Alba and Ne-Yo urged those watching to take out their phones and use the hashtag #StopTheViolence on social media to lend their voices to the call for change.

"We need to come together as one," Ne-Yo told viewers.

(H/T: People)


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