13 Reasons Gulab Jamuns Are Your Perfect Bae

Oooh oooh oooh, honey!

1. They will charm you with their plain good looks.


3. You can stare at their gooey goodness as long as you want.

There is no space for awkward silences in this perfect triad of roundness 

5. They won't mind your suggestions to accessorize 'a little.'

Coconut shavings, cherries, go crazy!

7. Or if you bring a friend or two to the party.

Hello kulfi, hai strawberry! I do believe this is the beginning of a great friendship 

9. Your friends won't stop talking about how photogenic they are.

Blue is totally their color

11. You won't mind them with a "tan."

13. Or without one.

And wrapped in ice cream, to make it even better!

15. You'll love them even more if they are nutty.

Crunchy pista and syrupy dough, a match designed by the gods

17. They might get fat.

19. Out of shape.

21. Or even come on a cake.

Mango + cream + gulab jamun = foodgasm

23. But you'll always find ways to be with them.

Who needs sabzi when you have bite-sized balls of sweet heaven on your poori?

25. They might be the ONE that you want, but you can still have more.

Gulabbae forever

27. Go get your Gulab Jamuns!

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