These 404 People Dressed Like Albert Einstein To Break A World Record — And Support A Good Cause

With kids like these, the future is in good hands.

A group of 404 people gathered in Toronto yesterday, March 28, to set the Guinness World Record for the "largest gathering of people dressed as Albert Einstein" — all for a good cause.

Everyone who showed up to the MaRS Discovery District donned a blazer, necktie, and a big white wig paired with a white mustache — basically the famous German-born physicist's go-to style. They may not have been the ones to develop the theory of relativity, but they sure looked the part.

The group succeeded in the end, besting the previous record of 99 people.

Beyond the whole record-breaking aspect, this event served another purpose: to launch the this year's Next Einstein competition. 

The contest — which was started in 2013 — is open to anyone with "ideas that make the world a better place," with the chosen winner getting $10,000 to turn their idea into reality. The deadline to enter is April 25, and the winner will be announced on June 6.

Past winners have included Charles Rose, who came up with an idea to develop photosynthetic dragonflies to balance the ecosystem; Marin Schultz, who came up with a new approach to prosthetic design and integration; and Aaron Friedland, who came up with the Walking School Bus reading program.

The good thing about this publicity stunt, though, was getting young people involved. There were quite a few of them there to break a record and show that they're interested in creating change through innovation and imagination.

"I like seeing the kids here, because the kids are the next generation that are going to be taking over after us," Rich Zagorski, a natural Einstein look-alike from New York, told CBC News. 'We need the kids to be able to go out there and really know about history and culture and music."

To learn more about the Next Einstein initiative or to get involved yourself, visit their site here.

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