Why Are New Year's Resolutions So Hard? We Got To The Bottom Of It.

New year, new who?


With Jan. 1 fast approaching, A Plus writers sat down with Chicken Soup for the Soul's New Year, New Me guided journal to discuss why it's so challenging to complete New Year's resolutions — and, importantly, how we can keep them, despite the difficulties. 

During our discussion, our team listed a number of reasons why setting self-improvement goals can feel near-Sisyphean. It's hard to hold yourself to a high standard, particularly when you're used to others (your friends, your partner, your co-workers) doing that for you. And while flipping over a new leaf when you're flipping over a new calendar page may feel symbolic, it can also feel artificial, which means you might not necessarily be in it to win it.

So this year, as recommend by our writers, after you've finished singing "Auld Lang Syne," try devoting yourself to a specific, achievable New Year's resolution that you already care about ... with the people that you care about. Track your progress as you go, so that your efforts feel less tied to a particularly significant date and instead become a habit. 

You might just find that it makes all the difference.

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