If You Loved This Dancer's Jaw-Dropping Performance On 'America's Got Talent,' Wait'll You See This

The inimitable Kenichi Ebina returns.

If you're a fan of the hit show America's Got Talent, then you undoubtedly remember last year's winner Kenichi Ebina. Ebina's amazing blend of dance and Matrix-like movements absolutely stunned the judges and audience, making him a crowd favorite from the minute he stepped on stage.

Diego Anderson:YouTube

Here's his first performance again, in case you missed it.

Well, two weeks ago, he made his return to the America's Got Talent stage where he unveiled this amazing new routine.

Watch as he literally dances with himself.

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As usual, Ebina did not fail to impress.

Source: Diego Anderson:YouTube, America's Got Talent:YouTube.

You can check out more from Kenichi Ebina at his website.



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