#GrowingUpBlack Is The Funniest Thing On Twitter Right Now

We still don't know the source of those strawberry candies though.

Twitter can get really heavy, especially when it comes to talking about social issues. Hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter are definitely meaningful conversation centers, but sometimes people just want to take a break from the exhaustion that comes with tackling oppression and celebrate the ridiculous.

#GrowingUpBlack is trending right now, and it's creating a space for people to bond over their childhoods of diligently covered furniture and heads filled with more barrettes than hair. Check out the childhood memories Black Twitter's been sharing.


1. Sounding like a rattle snake whenever you moved you head.

2. Feeling like Oliver Twist when you ask for money.

3. Don't ask questions.

4. Sewing kit camouflage.

5. You didn't pay $3.79 to throw this out!

6. The loyalest toy.

7. If only to not have to get your hair combed to death in the morning.

8. We may have considered frying with this once or twice...

9. No it's cool, the wheels of the bus you just threw us under give a nice massage.

10. "Stop calling me."

11. You never know when you need to fasten a mint to your Bible!

12. Or one of those Obama family portrait clocks.

13. Are the brakes broken or something?

14. We can explain...

15. Only fools pay for Tupperware.

16. The smoothest Christmases.

17. Don't be ungrateful now...

18. You never know when you'll need that tarter sauce from 7 years ago.

19. Gotta look neat.

20. Hell to pay.

21. Next time don't forget your sweater.


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