Groom Who Rescued A Boy From Drowning Gets A 'Harry Potter'-Themed Surprise From Ellen Degeneres

It's a magical ending to a memorable wedding day...

Remember the pictures of a groom rescuing a little boy from drowning on his wedding day that went viral in late September? Ellen Degeneres sure did. On October 4, she invited that groom, Clayton Cook, and his wife Brittany on her show to talk about their harrowing experience. 


"Now people are calling you a hero," Degneres said to Cook. "Do you feel like you're a hero?"

"No," he responded.  "I just kind of see it as I was at the right place [at] the right time, and [it was] the right thing to do. You know, it's something anybody would've done." 

To celebrate Cook's heroism, and his humility, Degeneres surprised the couple – whose wedding was Harry Potter-themed —  with a free trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, complete with "front line passes." But Degeneres, known for her own generosity, wasn't done. As part of this season's 'One Million Acts of Good' initiative, she and Cheerios teamed up to send the couple on a honeymoon to London to experience 'The Making of Harry Potter' Warner Brothers' studio tour. 

With quite the unforgettable wedding day under their belt, the Cooks' honeymoon will be just as memorable.

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