Cellphone Crashing May Be The Best Remedy To Loud Talking Ever Invented

Perfectly played.

"Insane pranks and stuff from the guy you probably wish was your dad."


That's how Greg Benson, whose video pranks never fail to amaze and amuse, describes Mediocre Films, the YouTube channel where he posts some of the best in internet mischief.

One of his most popular pranks is "cellphone crashing."

Benson pays visits to beaches, malls, and in this particularly epic outing, the airport, where he casually sits down next to people who are talking loudly on their cell phones and...

Well, see for yourself.

Don't know about you, but we think this is a pretty great way to try to remedy obnoxious social behaviors.

For more from Greg Benson and Mediocre Films, check him out on Facebook and YouTube. Or just talk loudly on your phone in a public place.

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