Watch How Different People Greet Each Other Around The World

"I don't want to hug people when it's not necessary."

Americans have a variety of ways that they greet people. It's common to shake a person's hand when you first meet them regardless of their gender. Some people choose to just say "hello" or "nice to meet you." Some do both. Others choose to go for a hug. And, of course, when it's someone they're already close with, there are many other greetings. 

In other cultures, traditional greetings can differ from region to region and have often developed into cultural norms as a way to show respect. In an effort to discover and document some of these difference, a producer from Cut Video traveled around the world to ask people how they greet each other.

"In Thailand, we hardly shake hands," a woman from Bangkok explained. But if they see someone older than them, they would put their palms together and bow their heads slightly. 

A man from Paris shared that they often kiss people on the cheek to greet them. "It could be two," he said. "Or four. Four takes a very, very long time." 

"We don't hug. Hugging is very intimate," a woman from Paris added. "We only do it with close friends." 

Learn more about cultures around the world by checking out the video below: 

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