11 Surprises That Got Us Right In The Feels

Peekaboo, y'all.

Nothing gets us in the feels like a happy surprise. If someone hands us a cupcake when we're not expecting it, we basically feel like George Bailey at the end of "It's A Wonderful Life." Even vicarious happy surprises can make our day, so we hope these unexpected moments make yours too.


1. When friends teach you how to decorate your cubicle like the average U.S. citizen.

2. Like getting iced, but better.

3. Paying attention to the catcher's signals is important.

4. Nothing better than friends surprising friends with new friends.

5. Birthday surprises never get old.

6. Even when you're mighty busy.

7. Bows are always a solid surprise addition.

8. They make great thank yous.

9. PBR is apparently the way to plenty of hearts.

10. Family reunions are the best.

11. We're glad she didn't use that knife...


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