11 Texts From Dads That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Sarcasm meets sentimentality.

It can't be easy to be a dad.


Certain cultural and social expectations say men should remain a certain emotional distance. Because of this, fathers express themselves in ways that may seem blunt, indifferent or downright snarky.

But if you dig a little, you'll find that the qualities that make good fathers and good men is just beneath the surface of what they say, and how they say it.

In these texts from dads, culled from Imgur, you may have to dig a little deeper, but the affection is there.


1. Protective.

Woke up to this text from my dad. He's out of town and I'm home alone. Ps. I'm 22 years old

2. Supportive.

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3. Knowledgeable.

The most dad text ever?

4. Imperfect.

Dad regrets text immediately

5. Responsible.

Soo the text my dad just sent me...

6. $ubtle.

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7. Involved.

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8. Caring.

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9. Health-conscious.

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10. Helpful.

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11. Understanding.

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