11 Graphs Sum Up Traveling Struggles, And We're Relating Big Time

Seriously, get this sand out of my suitcase.

While traveling can be an absolute dream, it can also be a struggle. Why do we always end up in the worst possible seat on the plane? Why can we never get the sand out of our hair and suitcases? 

Recently, Just The Flight created a series of hilarious graphs that perfectly sum up such travel-related struggles, and we're relating to them big time.

"We have explored some of the bizarre and wonderful things that take place whilst traveling and tried our best to make sense of them all through graphs, charts, and diagrams," it says on the website.

And while we may never be able to figure out why some of these ridiculous travel occurrences, at least we can laugh at them together, right? 

Check out all 11 graphs below:


Cover image via Kalamurzing I Shutterstock

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