Video Shows Man Sharing An Emotional Slow Dance With His Great-Grandmother

He's a true gentleman!

Father-daughter dances are precious, but they do not compare to the amount of adorableness in this clip of a man dancing with his great-grandmother.


Jarryd Stoneman, who uploaded the video of him and his great-grandmother, whom he calls Nanny, wrote that although she can't remember much, she still knows how to get her groove on.

The two sway back and forth to Lukas Graham's "7 Years" and at one point Stoneman gets down on his knees so the two are face to face. They continue to make their way around the room, smiling like the other person is the best thing that ever happened to them.

And judging by Stoneman's pictures with his Nanny, their bond is amazingly strong. 

Since the video was uploaded to Facebook, friends and family members have left comments expressing how happy they are that the two have danced their way into other people's hearts. Stoneman's reaction to all the attention? He writes, "just doing what I do..." and you can't get any more humble than that.

(H/T: 9News)


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