Her Grandpa's Last Message About Love Is Inspiring Thousands

"Life is too short. Appreciate your loved ones."

Three days before a man named Raymond lost his battle with lung cancer, he recorded a message for his three grandchildren about the importance of love. His heartfelt words resonated with his 16-year-old granddaughter, Daysia Torres, who shared his words on social message. Now, the message is reaching thousands of strangers across the world.

Torres explained that she shared the video on Twitter to commemorate the second anniversary of her grandfather's passing.


In the one-minute video, Raymond tells his family how much he loves them and stresses that if anyone ever wants to see him, all they need to do is pray. "If you want to see me in your dreams, I'll show up, if you want. Just ask for it."

"Grandpa is crazy about you guys. I love you, and I love your mommy and daddy," he says, "Just love each other."

Since Torres posted the video on Nov. 20, it has been retweeted 33,000 times and liked 77,000 times. Many are expressing their condolences to Torres and her family. They are also writing what a fantastic message Raymond had.

One commenter wrote on Twitter, "I am positive that he has been a wonderful person in your life, and I am glad that he was positive until the very end."

Toress told BuzzFeed that she shared the video online because life is too short. She added, "'I'm just happy to see that my grandfather has touched and inspired thousands of people."


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