This Grandpa Got The Most Perfect Shirt For His 100th Birthday

Keep it 100.

Roberto Martinez recently celebrated a big milestone in his life.

The Cuban native and Florida resident rang in his 100th birthday last Saturday at an adult care center with 80 friends and family.

To celebrate the big birthday, his great-granddaughter, Karina Camara, decided to get him a special shirt to signify the big day.

Needless to say, this shirt with the  emojis is absolutely fitting and perfect.

Camara's cousin, Jennifer Li, thought the shirt was so funny that she decided to post it to her Twitter account, which quickly went viral.

The post had people cracking up and racked up more than 30,000 retweets and 64,000 likes.

Li told BuzzFeed News that she posted the photo because she "thought it was so cute," and "it's not everyday that someone turns 100 and is chillen in a  shirt."

Li added that she thinks the photo rang true with so many people because it shows that "even though you’re old [it] doesn’t mean you have to stop feeling like you’re young.”

We can only hope we get a present this amazing for our next birthday.

You can watch some news coverage of his birthday party below. Just be sure to switch the captions to your respective language.


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