Woman Wins 'First Look' Photo Shoot To Share With Her Grandmother Who Has Stage 4 Breast Cancer

"It was genuinely the most loving moment I've ever captured."

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of the month, we will be highlighting the stories of those affected, as well as the people who come to their aid and help bring awareness to the issue.

Everyone wants to share some of life's biggest celebrations with their loved ones. But because life is unpredictable, filled with good and bad surprises, we may not always get to. 

Brittany Marr worried about this when her grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Marr got engaged in October 2016 and her grandmother was diagnosed in December. So, a few months later, when she saw photography company Copper + Pine was offering a free photo session giveaway to someone who shared the "most heartfelt idea," she decided to reach out on Facebook


"My grandma was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer last year before Christmas," Marr wrote. "It was in her left breast and her bones in her back. The cancer was eating her bones which had caused her to have extreme pain and break bones in her back easily. She had chemo and radiation, months of not being able to sleep in her own bed because of the risks and pain. She had to wear, what we called, her turtle shell to help with keep her spine straight and her back in place for healing." 

The cancer has been controlled for a few months, but then the family got some news.  

"I just got a call this morning that she had been having lots of odd pain in her arm and was sent in to see a doctor immediately," Marr continued. "[The doctor] did some tests to find out that she has three more spots that have started in her arm and radiation is to start ASAP." 

This news was, of course, incredibly hard to hear for both of them. 

"After having a conversation over the phone with her, she just cried to me about how much she wants to be able to dance at my wedding," Marr wrote. "I reassured her I know this is simply a bump in the road and I know she will do just that." 

She hoped that Copper + Pine might be able to help her. 

"I'd like to capture through pictures the love I have for her, the love she gives me, and life is too special and short when you have special people in your life to take that time with them for granted," she wrote. "Life is too special and short when you have special people in your life, to take them for granted." 

After sharing her story, Marr won the photoshoot contest. She was given the opportunity to bring a special moment to life with her grandmother. The shoot ended up being a "first look" where her grandmother could see her for the first time in her wedding dress. The photos from the shoot were shared on Copper + Pine's Facebook page on Monday

"We also had a wedding dance and exchanged letters," Marr explained in the post. "We danced together to 'I'm Gonna Love You Through It' by Martina McBride."

Mikayla, the Copper + Pine photographer behind the shoot, shared her thoughts capturing the moment in the post as well. 

"Earlier this year I did a session giveaway and this was the winning post. Everybody who entered had such beautiful ideas, but as soon as this popped up on my page, I knew it was the one. As soon as it warmed up, we planned a session that became so much more than I expected," she wrote. "I have never become so choked up so often throughout a session. I couldn't believe how perfectly it all came together. These two are so dear to my heart, and I am so thankful to have gotten to spend time with them both."

The post has since been shared over 3,000 times on Copper + Pine's page and has over 7,000 reactions. It also made its way to the Love What Matters Facebook page yesterday, where it has over 69,000 reactions and nearly 11,000 shares. 

Many people took to the comments section to share their own stories about their loves ones diagnosis. 

All of these stories show the beauty in coming together during difficult times. It may not have changed their diagnosis, but it did help to bring these families a little more joy. 

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