Grandma Experiences Google VR For The First Time

What did she see?

Mark Nutt wanted his holiday vacation with his family in Laupahoehoe, Hawaii to be special. On Christmas morning, Nutt filmed his 88-year-old grandmother, Marie, trying Google Cardboard for the first time.

He slid his cell phone into the cardboard virtual reality set, and placed it on his grandmother's head. Nutt then began a rollercoaster simulation on the virtual reality app. Another relative, Denise, held Marie's hand as she experienced the joys of virtual reality.

"You can look behind you and everything," Nutt said to his grandmother as he explained the process.

Soon, Marie was having the time of her life as she squealed at the top of her lungs.

"It's OK, Grandma," Nutt said.


She continued to laugh and squeal like a child as her family members held her.

According to their website, Google offers a "simple, fun and affordable way" to enjoy virtual reality. They provide a cardboard VR design for purchase, although people can also make their own set. Google also has virtual reality apps to play games, view places or experience unbelievable things.

Watch the full video:

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