This Guy Finds Out He's Going To Be A Grandfather In The Best Way

This is how all good family news should be announced.

Alexa and Drew Goolsby decided to break the news of Alexa's pregnancy to her parents in a fantastically fun way: they did it by playing the "lip reading game," popularized by Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

If you're unfamiliar with the game, here's what's happening: Goolsby's parents are wearing headphones that make it impossible to hear what she and her husband are saying to them across the table. As Drew Goolsby breaks the news, his father-in-law learns it word by word by reading his lips.

The wildly popular video was first posted to Alexa' Goolsby's Facebook page, and then her YouTube channel, where it has received more than 71,000 and 320,000 views, respectively. 

It was even turned into a GIF by Imgurian UndercoverGiraffe.

Man discovers he's going to be a grandfather during a game

Watch the grandfather-to-be's reaction here:


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