'Stranger Things' Cast And The Year's Breakout Actors Play A Game Of 'Would You Rather'

Muffin hands or corduroy skin?

Would you rather have muffin hands or corduroy skin? 

In a video for GQ magazine entitled "The Year's Breakout Actors Answer Our Weird Questions," Joel Edgerton (Loving), Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight), and cast members from Netflix's Stranger Things are among those tasked with a tough decision.

"Muffin hands," Rhodes says. "I like to bite my nails anyway, so I would just enjoy that."

On the contrary, Gaten Matarazzo's going with corduroy skin: "I mean, it doesn't look great, but I mean at least it's more reliable." 

What would you choose? Hear from all the actors in the full video below:

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